The City of Manteca has been negotiating a development agreement with the developer of a proposed 500-room waterpark resort in the City’s Family Entertainment Zone.  EPS assisted the City of Manteca in evaluating the City’s proposed deal with Great Wolf Resorts and estimating the proposed project’s overall fiscal and economic impact.  EPS translated the proposed terms of the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)-funded deal into a detailed 30-year revenue forecast for the City that could test the impact of changing revenue assumptions.

In addition to net TOT revenues after reimbursements and other sharing arrangements, EPS produced estimates of all other relevant tax revenues and municipal services costs related the project and additional visitation to determine the net fiscal impacts of the project.  Economic output, employment, and earnings were also estimated for construction and operations.

Finally, EPS provided the City with a comparison of existing TOT-sharing programs within California and comparable deals around the United States, to provide the City with context for the proposed deal.

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